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February 01, 2018


tony c.

Congrats and wish you the best

Brandon (CAD Intentions)

Best wishes on the new adventures and what's to come, change can be great and a fun challenge!
I look forward to following along and for the future of the newly revived Above the Clouds blog!

Steve Johnson

Your work, much of it not seen in public, has always been of the highest quality. Thank you for the professional care that you have put into materials that have been of great assistance to so many AutoCAD users over so many years.

All the best for the future, Heidi.

Heidi Hewett

Thanks guys! I REALLY appreciate the support and super kind words!

R.K. McSwain

Steve said it well! I always knew that if it came from Heidi, it was gold. In the rare case when Heidi didn't know the answer, she would always find me someone who did. Dependable, knowledgeable, innovative, and a friend to many.

Best wishes Heidi!

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